timeless, romantic & authentic wedding photography

Great lighting, good people, and the golden rule.


By asking questions that unearth your vision and developing lasting relationships with the couples I serve, I’m able to capture the real, authentic you.

I believe you deserve a wedding day that’s both effortless and everything you’ve imagined. I’m here to navigate complicated logistics, offer a streamlined process, and keep you calm and present on the day of—all in the name of ensuring you end up with enchanting images. From the moment you book to the day I deliver your wedding collection, my goal is to provide a high-touch experience that leaves you with a full heart, happy memories, and stunning documentation of your day.

The Experience



"We would hire her over and over again. Having her on our team was the best decision we made for our wedding day!"


As a hybrid fine art wedding photographer, I’m driven by balance. I shoot film for its timeless, old-world quality and digital for its speed. I work hard to capture every last dreamy design detail—but put just as much intention into documenting the emotions and energy of your day. I love to step back and allow things to unfold naturally—but know when to jump in with an expert adjustment that will take your images from everyday to extraordinary. Above all, I aim to ensure the process is both expertly directed and undeniably fun—because, just like you, I see the value in both.

The Approach



"She’s been a part of every big change life has given us. Lianna is not your average photographer. She becomes your family."


With a deeply calm demeanor and a keen understanding of how to ensure you not only look but feel your best as I shoot—the one thing my clients regularly praise is how effortless I made the process and how at-ease they felt in front of my lens. The end result? Stunning, honest images that exude your natural energy like never before.

Your comfort is my everything.


Inquire & Discovery



Reach out and dish all of the dreamy details. I want to hear about your love story, the vision you have for your wedding day, and the images you’re dreaming of having as heirlooms forever.


Some Housekeeping

You’ll sign your contract and pay a deposit to secure your date. We’ll then schedule your engagement session and I’ll send you everything you need to know for a stunning, seamless shoot.


Engagement Session

Your engagement session is the perfect way to warm up to life in front of the lens, get to know me as your photographer, and begin to cultivate the comfort and ease that will pave the path for effortless images on the day-of.


Perfecting Your Timeline

I’ll get to work on your wedding-day timeline—working with your planner and other vendors as needed to ensure I’m able to discreetly document every last meaningful moment, both big and small.


Your Wedding Day

Raise a glass—the moment you’ve been dreaming about is finally here. I’ll be on site to capture everything quietly and candidly—from glasses raised and tears shed to laughs shared and the warmest of embraces.


Your Images Arrive

You can expect to receive your edited gallery within approximately 6-8 weeks from your wedding day. You’ll receive an easy-to-access digital link that allows for effortless downloads and prints of your choosing.


Every story, couple, and celebration is unique—which is why all of my services begin with a base offering but are customized based on your location, length of shooting, and any additional enhancements you may choose.




I work in a way that allows each moment to unfold organically—while stepping in to direct as-needed to ensure you look and feel your best. Above all, I believe you deserve the ability to remain present and at-ease on your wedding day—and to walk away with artful images that become a pivotal part of your family's legacy for a lifetime ahead.

Based on your distinct needs, the details of your day, and any required travel—I'll build a custom wedding-photography package that delivers the exact coverage you need to ensure not a single meaningful moment goes uncaptured.

From the love and revelry in the air—to the quiet moments no one catches—I document the emotions and energy of your day with a discerning eye and a deep respect for your space and energy.

Wedding Photography



We'll select an outdoor location that's drenched in the dreamiest lighting and destined to provide a beautiful backdrop for your love (I have a few secret-gem beaches and lush gardens up my sleeve)—and then spend time together capturing your connection. The end result? Artfully composed, deeply compelling images that will forever remind you of why you fell in love in the first place.

This occasion is incredibly momentous and deserving of artful documentation.




A quiet kiss on the cheek, the anxious and exciting months leading up to new motherhood, a giggle you would move mountains for, your favorite people in one place at one time—it's these experiences, not things, that make a life worth living...and it's my greatest honor to help you preserve them in a meaningful way.

From growing bellies to the tiniest toes—there is something so special about capturing the special slices in time that define this one beautiful life.




My goal when we work together during these private sessions is to instill the kind of ease and comfort in you that helps you radiate confidence in front of my lens. You'll walk away with tasteful images that not only stun the lucky one you choose to show—but introduce you to your most beautiful, authentic self.

What often begins as a gift for a partner or soon-to-be spouse can so quickly become something that helps you feel femine, flirty, and fully seen for your truest self.



"I can’t thank Lianna enough for providing us with some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen in my life. I couldn’t imagine having any other photographer!"


From impromptu weekend whisk-aways to impeccably planned overseas escapes, you love exploring this wide world and unearthing its most unforgettable experiences. The cobblestone streets of the Earth’s quietest corners, the buzz and bright lights of iconic cities, or the promise of warm sand and a spicy margarita in your you really have to choose just one?

Love a great escape

You’re inspired by high fashion, storied architecture, and fine arts—and you certainly embrace opulence when an occasion calls for it—but you’re far from stuffy or set in your ways. Your Louboutins may be sky-high, but your vibe is always down-to-earth.

Embrace luxury, but lean into the laid-back

From a deep appreciation for the details to the most gracious hosting—whether you’re throwing a dinner party at home or planning the wedding of your dreams, you center your gatherings around rich, meaningful experiences your guests will rave about for years to come.

Know how to throw a purposeful party



Do you shoot film or digital?

As a hybrid wedding photographer, I shoot both film and digital. I prefer digital for its speed and accuracy and film for its romantic, old-world quality and the way it forces you to slow down and savor the moment at hand.

Do you offer anything besides wedding photography?

I do! I also offer engagement sessions, portrait photography, editorials and styled shoots, family photography, and boudoir shoots.

What style of weddings do you prefer to shoot?

If it’s light, airy, and full of romance, it’s right up my alley. I prefer to shoot experience-rich weddings at luxury venues, and I especially love outdoor and al-fresco celebrations.

What is your starting price point?

My wedding collections begin at $7,500—but every couple has their own distinct needs and dreams for their wedding weekend, so I always customize my offerings to ensure I’m able to deliver everything you’re envisioning.

Do you travel and, if so, how far?

I’m based in Las Vegas and California, and I often travel around the country to photograph weddings and other milestone moments. If I’m available for your date, I’m always willing to whisk away for a dreamy outdoor wedding at a stunning venue.

How many images will I receive?

You can expect to receive an average of 80-100 images per each hour of shooting.

Frequently asked questions

On your wedding day, I want you to feel comfortable in my presence, confident in my direction, and completely free to relax and revel with the ones you love most—while I capture the magic of the moment with deep discretion and an eye for detail.


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